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The Big Question: How do you efficiently and consistently generate Domain Authority (DA) 63+ backlinks from reputable sites?


It’s simple, but labor-intensive: editors at high DA websites want to publish your expert knowledge.


In return, they will grant you that high DA backlink.



Links like these, for SMB CEOs to enterprise-level CMOs to founders with $1B exits:



High DA Backlinks Made Easy


We know you’re busy. So, we designed our Ghostwritten Outreach (GO) service to save money and 95% of the time you put into each backlink.


Even better, your ROI comes before you pay us.


GO backlink results, categorized by Domain Authority (DA):



“We went from a $1,000/mo budget to now $3,000/mo. I’ve never scaled any campaign this quickly.”

Ghostwritten Outreach Client

Build Awareness and Authority


C-level executives use ghostwriters to increase brand awareness and industry authority.


Some GO clients love the service for the SEO benefits, others for the PR:


“For me, the service is 1,000,000% awareness and authority. The backlinks are just the icing on the cake.”

Ghostwritten Outreach Client


How It Works


You only hear from us when we are successful. This sales page is the most we will ever ask you to read.


No convoluted project summary reports. We promise.


In case you’re wondering, here is how we do it:


  1. Every business day, we manually curate a list of outreach opportunities for you.

  2. Then, we ghostwrite for you, getting you in front of a variety of publications.

  3. We only contact you when accepted pitches score you high DA backlinks with relevant traffic.

"Jolly Content plays a vital role in my marketing strategy."
Luis Colon
CEO @ Mr. WIndows & Doors

The Offer


To put it simply, we are a unique journalism sourcing service. We not only source opportunities for you, but also write your full contribution – we are as hands off as it gets.


The differentiator? We only charge when we have a live link for you. Your ROI begins before payment!


  • Price: $275 per link


These aren’t junk links. This isn’t fluff content. This is an investment in your brand. 

Have a question? Shoot us an email: Greg@JollyContent.com or Morgan@JollyContent.com