Educate & Convert

 Content-powered Internet Marketing Funnels Work in 3-4 Stages:


Top of Funnel: draw customers in, i.e. raise awareness of your service/product.


Middle of Funnel: speak to customer pain points & address doubts about you as a solution.


Bottom of Funnel: convert prospects into customers.

Pro tip: Reduce churn with a funnel which immediately returns customers back into your MoFu or ToFu after the point of sale!

ToFu-MoFu-BoFu - Marketing Funnel Explained

In the ToFu Stage:

We focus on educational, engaging content that raises awareness of the problem you solve, and what makes your brand unique. This content is both onsite and offsite:


Blog posts, location and product-specific page copy, microsites, etc.


Guest posts on relevant industry platforms like, LinkedIn, Quora, and more.

After ToFu, it’s time to supercharge the MoFu!

After momentum is built, Jolly Content continues positioning your company as the solution to your prospects’ problems. While doing so, we capture prospects’ contact info using tools like this clever lead magnet we developed for Chargeback Gurus!

During the MoFu stage, we begin transitioning from content to copywriting.

Landing and squeeze pages speak directly to prospects’ pain points, and contain calls to action. Here is one client’s shining example of a location-specific landing page.

Content campaigns involve extensive planning

We’ve arrived at BoFu!

It’s time to lay it on thick. Sales pages written with direct response copywriting techniques compel your prospects to take action, converting them into customers.


"Jolly Content plays a vital role in my marketing strategy."

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