A Case Study: How We Gained Massive Traffic Boosts for a Small, Locally Based, Contractor

"Last month, I achieved a personal best in closed deals." - Mr. Windows

Get National and Local Recognition with a Small Rankings Boost Campaign

When Mr. Windows & Doors Houston contacted Jolly Content to get them on the map, the local window and door installer already had consistent local clientele. However, their organic web traffic was essentially zero. Why? They were not ranking for keywords.

We proposed to do what we do: a rankings boost campaign.

Mr. Windows’ campaign kicked off in the middle of January 2018. By March, we’d wrapped up 20+ blog posts, 5 location-based landing pages, and a couple of sales pages.

Check out three points of interest in the keyword tracking chart below: 1) January: Campaign Start; 2) March: Majority of Content Live; 3) May: National Recognition

Content campaigns take 1-3 months to kick into effectSeen a little differently, this image tracks the movement of each ranking keyword phrase

Mr. Windows achieved stellar results, and continues to do so. He’s so thrilled, he routinely sends us follow up messages like this one in early July:

“Last month I achieved a personal best in closed deals.” – Mr. Windows

That’s understandable, since Mr. Windows’ Jolly content campaign received national recognition by mid-May. Mr. Windows ranked #134 out of the top 550 of the nation’s biggest full-service remodeling companies! 

This is the result of a targeted content campaign. Every post supports our client’s goals: ranking, increased awareness, authority building, and conversion rate optimization.

Disclaimer: We don’t usually draw arrows all over active content planning charts (but, if you like ’em that much, they’re yours!)

It has now been several months since Mr. Windows’ latest blog post (*ahem*) – and, the site is starting to need a content refresh:

Keywords rank for months and years, but you need to remain active to stay ahead of competition.

But, with the return on investment Mr. Windows enjoyed from our last content campaign, it’s only natural that we’ll be cranking out more content soon.

“Jolly Content plays a vital role in my marketing strategy.” – Mr. Windows

We’ll update this one to celebrate Mr. Windows & Doors Houston’s next SEO wins!

Does your company need:

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  • Backlinks that drive traffic to your site from relevant websites;
  • Amazing onsite and offsite content and copy to convert your audience into paying customers?

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