3 Ghostwriting Tactics to Generate Inbound Leads, Develop Industry Authority, and Create Social Engagement

This 7-minute read will go over three options for generating inbound leads, developing industry authority, and creating social engagement. Our three picks:

Who are we to write about ghostwriting, anyway?

Greg and Morgan have been around a little while. We have personally ghostwritten for:

  • 2020 presidential candidates;
  • Founders with $1B exits;
  • CEOs of companies with $100M ARR;
  • Venture Capitalists;
  • CMOs at 1,000-employee companies;
  • And, CEOs at numerous SMBs.

We’ve organized and managed more than 50 content campaigns for Jolly clientsGreg has interviewed dozens of SMEs for long-form bylined articles – he knows a thing or two about translating authorities’ expertise for the lay audience.

Okay, enough about us. On to your first service option, social media posts.

Ghostwriting for Social Media Engagement

Ever notice how a lot of CEOs across LinkedIn have started sharing single sentence, line by line personal stories?

No, everyone didn’t figure out the LI algorithm simultaneously. One guy did: Josh Fechter of BAMF. Seriously, he’s written a lot about LI.

These posts begin with a hook, and contain a personal victory, embarrassing moment, etc. – anything relatable to draw the reader in.

Their purpose: engagement.

These are pretty easy for a writer without subject matter expertise to craft. And, part of the service BAMF offers is commenting on the post immediately after it goes live, which boosts its visibility on the LinkedIn newsfeed.

We don’t claim to have insider knowledge here, but the client onboarding process does involve an interview or three, so they can build out your persona to draw inspiration from.

If you are after LinkedIn engagement, we highly recommend inquiring above.

Industry Authority with Ghostwritten Articles

Along with other professional ghostwriters, Greg ghostwrites 1,500-2,000 word articles to share clients’ deep expertise.

Ghostwritten articles showcase your knowledge and build you up as an industry authority. However, they do require your participation:

  • 1-3 interviews;
  • Close reading of drafts;
  • You may or may not be responsible for publishing the final copy.

These articles can be used both on-site and off-site, depending upon the aim of the content campaign. You should absolutely tell your writer where the article will be published, as it will influence the following (at a minimum):

  • Style;
  • Internal and external links;
  • Length;
  • Keyword strategy.

Long-form articles are an excellent way to share your expertise in niche platforms and groups, or bolster your website’s authority. However, if your marketing budget is limited, this is not going to be comprehensive enough to generate an ROI – they must be tied into a larger marketing strategy.

Inbound Leads from Ghostwritten Media Placements

We saved the best for last. This is a powerful tactic, and the most hands-off service we know of to date.

Your name in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, US News & World Report – sounds great, but how much time and money is involved?

When we ghostwrite and conduct manual outreach to secure media placements at all of these publications, here’s what we ask of our clients:

  • Time: 5 minutes per month.
  • Money: How many placements do you want?

It’s really no more complicated than that. Ghostwriting is meant to save the client time. We know writing is not everyone’s favorite activity.

Warning: Clients of this service do need a little patience. This is not a “Purchase immediate backlink” service – it will take 1-3 weeks from commencing outreach to get contributions through the editorial pipeline.

Our clients love this service, because it achieves a marketing trifecta:

  • Positions executive as an industry authority;
  • Generates quality backlinks for SEO;
  • Funnels inbound leads and relevant traffic.

However, you must choose your writer carefully, as it requires a very creative writer who will also carefully study the client, and contribution opportunities.

The way we conduct our ghostwritten outreach service is through careful, daily curation of relevant media opportunities. Then, we personally ghostwrite our client’s contribution, customized to the audience.

This 100% white hat method requires:

  • Subject matter insight: We are students of each and every client. LinkedIn profile, previously published content, your website, and, if we’re lucky, a little bit of your time over the phone once in awhile. We leverage our expertise as ghostwriters to tap into your persona and knowledge.
  • Finding the right opportunities: You only want relevant inbound traffic. Journalists and publication editors only want relevant content. We only contact publications where your subject matter expertise will be well-received.
  • Audience relevant contributions: We combine creative copy with subject matter insight to contribute only content your audience wants to consume.
  • Diligence in creativity: Nobody wants copied content. We need to constantly come up with new material which excites journalists with a “first rights” tattoo emblazoned across their forehead.

What’s Next?

Ghostwriting isn’t for everyone. We only recommend each of the above services when they fit an executive’s needs.

Whether you contract social media engagement, long-form authority building content, or curated, custom ghostwritten outreach depends on:

  • Where you and your company are in your growth;
  • Your budget;
  • Your current marketing gaps.

We’re happy to offer our thoughts on your situation anytime – book a call here, or reach out via email: greg@jollycontent.com or morgan@jollycontent.com.

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