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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Are your search engine rankings and organic traffic stats underwhelming? Our three-pronged SEO strategy generates sustained results quickly:

  • Comprehensive Site Audit – We conduct a full-scale onsite SEO analysis.
  • PPC – Boost traffic now through targeted Pay Per Click campaigns.
  • Keywords & Backlinks – Establish and maintain competitiveness.

Content & Copywriting

Educate and convert with compelling content & copy custom-tailored to your audience.

Growing sales online requires an online marketing funnel. Your ToFu->MoFu->BoFu sales funnel includes these stages:

  1. Top of Funnel (ToFu): Brand Awareness & Education
  2. Middle of Funnel (MoFu): Pain Points & Persuasion
  3. Bottom of Funnel (BoFu): Conversion

Social Media Management & Promotion

Leverage multiple platforms and social media channels to get your message out to potential customers.

  • Profile Development – Build your brand through Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • FollowerBoost – Thousands of targeted, new followers directed to your social media accounts.
  • Content Promotion – We widen your sales funnel and drive targeted traffic to your sales pages.

Don’t have time to engage each of your prospects, or just not a social butterfly? Contact your Jolly Content social and promotion specialist today.

Web Design

How well your website is designed and developed impacts conversion rates. Showcase your company’s services and products with a unique website design by our talented web development team.

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